Video: A trip to Wales with my daughter

When I wrote my post about our trip to Wales in Spring, I mentioned I also filmed a video. I finally finished editing and exporting it, so wanted to share it. It was just Frankie and I, until Natasha , my Stitch + Forage collaborator, joined us for the end of the trip, so most of this is of her. A little (slightly shaky) ode to my daughter, who has just finished her first year of kindergarten, who is blooming before my eyes. I am so pleased I have these moments on video, and am committed to capturing more. I have the bug! 

 I hope you all have wonderful weekends! Dave and I are celebrating 11 years of marriage this weekend! Whooooaaaaa! We were 20 when we wed which we know is a little bonkers! We are very excited to spend a few days doing some of our favourite things.