A cosy evening Wreath workshop at Grain & Hearth, Whitstable.

On the night of the late night Christmas shopping event, I’ll be holding a wreath workshop at Grain & Hearth in Whitstable. Enjoy delicious sweet treats and drinks whilst you learn how to make a woven base, and then how to adorn it with scented herbs, flowers and foraged finds.

We’ll cover sourcing, making, design tips and styling ideas. I source materials for my workshops really carefully and from numerous well chosen sources including local growers, national growers and foraged items, and use a mixture of dried and fresh material guaranteeing a truly unique and beautiful creation. A selection of botanically dyed ribbon will be available to choose from too.

The workshop is totally beginner friendly, even if you dont consider yourself to be very crafty! It’s very hands on and the group is small, no more than 10 people, so i’ll be able to give you the 1:1 help you need.

I have released my workshops early this year to give you time to plan ahead, and hopefully book something just for you (a Christmas present for yourself!) before the whirlwind of Christmas commitments threatens to take over.

The price includes all materials, plus (incredible!) refreshments.

Tickets are non returnable and non transferable, unless there is a waiting list and we manage to sell your ticket. In this case we will provide a courtesy refund.

Payment plan

You also have the option of a payment plan, which will be 2 payments of £32.

If you choose the payment plan option, you can only pay using Stripe, not Paypal, a quirk of my website provider. Tickets are non refundable and non transferable. The second payment will be taken automatically in one months time. Please note: if you make the first payment you commit to making the second. The business model cant’t sustain it otherwise, and I really want to continue offering payment plans to make the workshops more financially accessible. Thank you for your understanding.

5th Dec *Payment Plan* Wreath Making Workshop at Grain & Hearth, Whitstable
32.00 every month for 2 months

Two payments of £32. Thursday 5th December at Grain & Hearth, Whitstable at 7.30pm. You’ll be sent a further email with more information. I’m excited!

5th Dec Wreath Making Workshop at Grain & Hearth, Whitstable

Thursday 5th December at Grain & Hearth, Whitstableat 7.30pm

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