sold out January day retreat


I am so exited to release the next day retreat,  which marks one year from the first day retreat I held in my (just moved into) home.  This was the day retreat that kicked them all off and the one I am so excited to be offering again.

The retreat will be on Saturday 5th January in my home, to give 10 people the opportunity to set some gentle, achievable intentions for the year. Let’s start the new year as we mean to go on, and by that I mean in community, with delicious nourishing food,  around a table,  with laughter and (beginner level!) making.

This day retreat is for you whether your new year is full of wonder, potential and energy, or you’re feeling knackered, negative and frankly, already over it. It’s a day in which to take some time and space for yourself to focus on what you’d like 2019 to feel like.

2018 is somehow, bafflingly,  nearly finished. I don’t know about you but I’m finishing the year with a mighty mix of feelings. 

How are you feeling about it? Proud? Indifferent? Perhaps the new year has crept up on you, seemingly out of nowhere, in the midst of just living life.  You’re invited to show up as you are right now, look back and plan forward.

Ray Dodd will lead a session focused on looking back and helping you to really dig deep and find the things you achieved this year. You’ll leave feeling energised and proud of how this last year has gone (no matter how things have gone down). Promise.  Then we’ll look at the year ahead, chat through our plans and intentions for what’s to come, get you focused and give you some mindset tweaks to get you set on your way.

Hannah will introduce The Life Book process (aka the January Book) , a review and planning process that she has perfected over 10 years, and has led to some pretty life changing shifts.

We will then spend some time coming up with a word for the year and we’ll all make a felt banner with your chosen word on it. This is a HUGELY powerful and meditative exercise, and the craft side of it is easy for beginners.  My husband and I both credit some epic changes in our lives to doing this process over the last few years.

All that, plus beautiful food, sweet treats, cozy surroundings and inspiring company. It will be a very, very special day, and a wonderful way to start 2019.
Now wouldn't that be a pretty special Christmas present!


Saturday 5th Jan, 10am - 4.30pm in my home in Faversham, Kent. 

January Day Retreat |

Ticket price- £158

I am happy to offer a 2 payment plan, one due in December, and one due on the 2nd of January.

What you’ll get:

  • A day long retreat in my home in Faversham. 10am-4.30pm.

  • A group coaching session with Ray Dodd. Her theme for this day retreat will making goals that actually stick with genuine ease. 

  • A session led by me on The January Book, a practical, achievable review and planning process that covers all areas of your life. 

  • You’ll also learn how to make a felt banner for your home with your word for the year or an inspirational short saying or quote. 

  • We’ll eat delicious, super nutritious Vegan lunch by local chef Vegan Perks, around a beautiful  table styled by Hannah. 

  • Vegan Perks will also be providing a morning snack and afternoon cake. You won’t be hungry! 

This is for you if:

January 2019 day retreat
  • You want to experience the magic of a group of likeminded women, mostly strangers, gathering and sharing together. We welcome mothers (babes in arms welcome) and non-mothers alike and often have a mix of both. 

  • You want to make some time to do something creative, suitable for beginners, and make a simple felt garland with an inspirational word for the year. 

  • You want to reflect on the year that has passed in a kind and supportive space.

  • You want to give yourself some space and time after the Christmas rush.

  • you want to make some achievable plans and intentions for 2019 that make you feel excited.

  • You would like to spend some time in an inspiring, nourishing space and eat delicious healthy food. 

  • You want to leave feeling inspired, creative and clear on what to do next.

A pay what you can place:

When we reach 8 sales, Ray and I offer a discounted “pay-what-you-can" scheme to someone who doesn’t have the funds available to them, and specifically, someone who holds a marginalised identity (LGBTQIA+, black/POC, disabled, low-income, etc.) We trust your disclosure and won’t ask for any ‘proof’. If you're interested in taking us up on this, please email us.

Cancellation policy:

Tickets are non refundable and non transferable. However if we manage to re-sell your ticket we will offer a courtesy refund. 


Here are some of the very lovely things past guests have said about the day retreats.

“I’ve been to two of Hannah and Ray's day retreats and I can't recommend them enough. Delicious food and heartfelt conversation in a beautiful space with wonderful women - what more could you want? Each time I've left the day feeling rejuvenated, motivated and inspired. There aren't enough words to describe how brilliant Ray's coaching is (I've since gone on to work with her more intensively) and Hannah's generous hosting makes you feel nurtured, safe, and cherished. If you're wondering whether you should go, the answer is absolutely yes.” Eloise Rickman

“The January Retreat was the perfect start to the year and a real tonic in the midst of a very gloomy winter. The sessions with Ray were truly inspirational and a great way to set your mindset and goals for the year ahead. I loved the banner making with Hannah, I rarely get anytime to make without pressure or little ones running around so it was such a treat to have uncluttered and uninterrupted time to get creative. The food was simply divine and I met the most lovely lot of women.” Lucy Beckley

“I can be quite shy in large group gatherings - especially when I don’t know anybody beforehand! But luckily, Hannah and Ray attract only the nicest people! I was mostly drawn to the retreat for the wreath-making and offer of cake because I’m not really into “self-help coaching”, but Ray talks to much sense, and it’s just lovely hearing her talk and support you in what’s going on in your life. We were treated to the most delicious lunch and afternoon cake…a lovely day out for myself.” Charlotte Wilden

“I absolutely loved the day retreat I attended with you both in January, it kicked me into a space of productivity which I’d been longing for for months and I left feeling nurtured and cared for after a period of feeling quite depleted. What is it about a group of women getting together around a table!? SO powerful, and delicious food to boot (that citrusy salsa is now a regular feature in our home). The part of the day that stays with me most was the visualisation exercise, coupled with just having done The January Book it was a particularly enlivening experience for me. I hope to join another of these retreats one day soon!” Julia Goodall

“Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the ability of creativity as a saviour. In a matter of 24 hours I feel like there’s light again” Vicki Oliver

“I felt so welcomed by you and Ray on entering your home which is beautiful by the way. I felt immediately at ease. The other women were super friendly and I immediately started chatting to people… The setting was beautiful and I absolutely loved the food and hospitality. You guys were super hosts and really welcoming”  Muna Hassan