The Life Book E-Course Spring

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Life Book photos flowers-29.jpg
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The Life Book E-Course Spring


The Life Book E-Course. A review and planning e-course with soul. Make goals that feel tingly and actually stick.

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My kind goal making e-course. 4 core modules and 7 printables, videos and audio content all centered on helping you to create your very own Life Book.

The e-course might be for you if you want: 

·      An effective, tried and tested planning process that helps you to

o    identify what really matters to you,

o   visualise your big picture ,

o   make achievable goals that feel great,

o   determine practical actions for realising your goals.

·      A radically kind and liberating approach to goal setting

·      Hand holding, accountability and gentle prompts to help you integrate the Life Book plans into your daily life. 

·      Guidance on how to make thriving goals that actually stick.

·      To be part of an online community who are all working through the same process, to share ideas and inspiration with. 

·      A combination of written, live and pre-recorded video content.

After benefitting from and honing this technique personally for 10 years, Dave and I condensed all we’ve learned and poured it into this guide. We’re confident we’ve perfected it – it has proved life-changingly effective for both of us - and we really hope it can be useful for some of you, too.