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The planning system for non perfect people. 

Welcome to my kind, flexible and effective planning system! I’m guessing you’re here because you’re interested in being a little more intentional about your wider life goals (whether professional or personal) in a way that actually fits around your life right now. Well, I got you!

Have you ever made a goal in January, only to entirely forget about until the following year?

Do you love the idea of planning and goal setting but find the systems touted about impossibly out of reach?

Maybe you’d like to to get started with some goal setting and planning or you already do some planning and goal setting but haven’t quite hit on the right set up for you, or are curious about my system.

Would you like to feel a little more organised and productive?

Do you find yourself feeling disappointed about goals that haven’t happened?

Maybe your past goals made you feel bad and read more like a list of punishments for generally not being good enough. 

(um hmmm, been there. )

But how do you get started if you’re busy juggling tons and life feels kinda messy and full?! 

My planning bundle is designed for this very reason. 

“Oh it’s brilliant Hannah, thank you 😊 I’ve been absolutely hopeless at getting organised these last few months, finally feel like I can see some light at the end of the tunnel, and have prioritised some goals too! Very grateful to you for sharing your process”

How I plan within a messy unpredictable life:

I’m freelance, as is my husband, which means our work schedules are really unpredictable. We also have young kids, not a lot of childcare aaaaand i have an anxiety disorder and am dyslexic. Whoa there.

But despite the messiness of my life I do feel organised and have a series of really great manageable plans that help to move me closer to my life goals. That’s because I have honed and tested this method for over 10 years and have created a planning framework that is gentle but powerful, flexible, and kind, and takes into account he actual resources you have available to you, whether that’s time, energy, or financial etc. 

The planning worksheets are part of my Life Book e-course , a course to help you to create your very own Life Book containing your dreams and plans. This is now closed until the new year, but I have released the planning and practical application part of the e-course separately after receiving lots of questions about it. I have also written a guide to planning for non perfect people that goes with the bundle. 

This planning bundle is  for both your personal and professional life, and is ultra adaptable to your life and circumstances; whether you work in a busy 9-5, part time from home; love or hate your career, or a mixture of all of the above. It works whether you’re in a relationship or not, whether you have kids or not.  It’s focus is holistic and looks at the whole; although if you want to laser down on a few key areas the system supports that too. 

“Thank you for breaking down something which seemed so huge but is actually doable. I found the system really easy to navigate. Kindness has been an amazing addition to my system too”

The planning bundle

The e-book and worksheet bundle is £18, and for the first week only £15.  

It comprises of 6 sections.  

  • Guide to planning for non perfect people

    • Introduction and tiny bit of background

    • Making Good Goals

    • How to hold yourself accountable

    • How to check in on your goals

    • finding a planning and calendar system that works for you

    • Staying focussed

    • How to use the worksheets

  • Annual planning worksheet

  • Quarterly planning worksheets

  • Monthly planning worksheets

  • Weekly planning worksheet

  • Daily planning worksheet

“I have tried quite a few different planning and goal setting frameworks but it’s your talk of kindness that has finally broken through. I am able to offer myself grace in both the goal setting and implementation processes and as a result I am actually making progress rather than feel paralysed by all I want to do!”

The planning and productivity bundle

My planning and productivty bundle for non perfect people! It includes:

- A Guide to planning for non perfect people

  • Introduction and tiny bit of background

  • Making Good Goals

  • How to hold yourself accountable

  • How to check in on your goals

  • Finding a planning and calendar system that works uniquely for you

  • Staying focussed

  • Defining YOUR version of productivity

  • The importance of being really strategic and intentional about self care

  • The importance of Cycle tracking (for those who have periods)

  • How to use the worksheets


  • Annual planning worksheet

  • Quarterly planning worksheets

  • Monthly planning worksheets

  • Weekly planning worksheet

  • Daily planning worksheet

This is how I plan within a messy unpredictable life. By that, I mean one with young kids and limited childcare aaaaand an anxiety disorder. Whoa there! But it totally IS possible to feel more intentional, calm and organised no matter what your circumstances are, and i’d love to show you my system.

“Oh it’s brilliant Hannah, thank you 😊 I’ve been absolutely hopeless at getting organised these last few months, finally feel like I can see some light at the end of the tunnel, and have prioritised some goals too! Very grateful to you for sharing your process”

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Why plan?

Planning simply provides a route between what you have and what you want. It helps you to be more organised and focused and can actually therefore really free up your time. Planning can sometimes feel rigid, dogmatic and soulless, but my process is none of these things. It encourages feelings, flexibility, kindness and soul searching. This is planning with soul, and it works.

Planning can be sexy 😉😎💃

Maybe practical planning doesn’t sound that sexy, I get it!

Especially in comparison to dreaming, the other critical bit of the Life Book. But it really IS key. Yes, you need to dream and get excited and allow yourself to imagine What Could Be (the sexy bit). But so many people stop here. So many people make the January resolution or create the vision board then run out of steam or get distracted with life and find that another month or year passes and things haven’t changed in the way they want them too. And that’s ok! It’s ok to just be, if you want to. Life isn’t there to be beaten into the submission.

But, if you would like to start making some changes or progress toward something, then what is the answer?!

 A plan. 

But critically; one that is practical, flexible and kind.

Without a specific practical plan, it can be really hard to make intentional progress toward what we want, whether that’s in our work or personal lives- or both. And if it doesn’t allow for flexibility, it will feel rigid and maybe even dogmatic, and not allow for the surprises that life throws at us. Finally, if our plans are thinly veiled punishments for not being good or worthy enough, they are far less likely to materialise into anything.  They must be rooted in kindness. 

I dont now about you but Kindness and flexibility sounds pretty sexy to me 😉

Planning can be blindly privileged 😡

The glaring omission I see in so much planning and organising content is the lack of understanding that some people are simply up against it more than others. I love writing and journalling, so I read articles and books about it a lot. I just finished one about time management and whilst there are some really useful bits of information, I also find it a bit intimidating. It’s rigid and blind in its privilege. Marginalised groups like BAME people, disabled, LGBTQI folk etc can have more hurdles than others when it comes to simply being in our structurally unfair world, let alone flourishing in it. Similarly, how do you make your dreams and plans happen if you have elderly or poorly friends and relatives with caring needs, or young kids? What if you live with mental health needs, chronic illness or a disability that requires daily managing? What if you don’t have set hours or an office or even  barely any time alone? What if you are in the throes of intense times with your family?  Or just really f@#$ing busy?

I believe it is still possible to honour your hopes and dreams and tend to them whatever is happening in your life. But I believe our goals need to reflect our actual time, energy and circumstances.

‘Shuffle steps’ - small steps toward what we want, or shifts in perspective- are really powerful commitments to your hopes and goals (I am a big fan of the shuffle step) And yes sometimes there is a big leap involved. Sometimes the shuffle step turns into a leap without us really even realising. But often the shuffle steps are just as powerful as the leaps. 

It’s about personalising the plan so it is uniquely tailored to your schedule, time, energy and commitments.

Planning does work for messy living! 😀

My work in this area tries to encompass the nuances of planning and dreaming, I say it’s for “non perfect people” which I know in reality is everyone. A few years ago iIwas desperate to find more rhythm and organisation in my life but I couldn’t relate to so much of the content out there.

I want to share in detail how I am intentional about my goals and plans within a “non perfect” life; one with an anxiety disorder and sometimes debilitating dyslexia and young kids and minimal childcare.

I also want to acknowledge my privilege here too. I know that I am able to get stuff done because my life is relatively stable and safe, because my husband is able to share childcare, because I am able bodied, and have many other societal and structural privileges which makes my life easier. The guide and sheets are designed to be tweaked and changed so they fit your life, schedule, commitments and goals, and I have tried to design it so it can work for everyone but I am always open to learning more about this. This is my geek subject of choice.

Why The Life Book is different

This is goal setting for non perfect people

There is so much planning and goal setting advice out there either makes me feel exhausted just reading it, or completely inadequate. My system is built for non perfect people. It’s built for people who mess up, recovering perfectionists, people juggling a lot, people living with mental or physical health conditions, for those with caring responsibilities, etc. Life isn’t perfect, and neither are we, and this process gives plenty of space for that. 

It’s kind

My whole process prompts kindness at every turn. Lots of frameworks use self punishment and feelings of not good enough as the motivation, but my system gets you to ask if the goal is rooted in kindness, and encourages positive self talk. It’s kind but It’s not always easy. Sometimes the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is the hardest. 

It’s conscious of societal bias

We’re living in an intrinsically unfair society that means that some have more to fight to simply do life than others, especially BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and disabled folk. Some live with mental or physical health conditions that limit what they can do. Some have kids or are caring for elderly relatives. All of these things add varying levels of pressure to what can be managed outside of simply surviving.

It’s cool with change

Life is in constant motion. We have no idea what the future holds. It’s fine and actually healthy, that our goals change and pivot and grow. How many of us have made an annual goal, only to completely forget about it until 12 months later?! In fact, in the Life Book course, a sign of a thriving goal is that it is being tweaked and worked on. In other words, a living goal, not a defunct forgotten one. If a goal needs to pivot, change or be completely scrapped, it’s fine! Better that than it be forgotten in some dusty journal somewhere. 

There are no failures

I also don’t really believe in failures. If a goal hasn’t happened, then it provides interesting information and some lessons to learn. That’s all.  It’s not a failure. 

It encourages feelings

Lots of life and business advice encourage a dispassionate, fact based approach to goals. The patriarchal society we live in dismisses feelings more wholly, as  feminine hysteria but I believe there is deep wisdom in our feelings whether you define as female or not. Whilst numbers and facts play a part here, allowing our feelings to guide us connects us to our intuition and deeper wisdom.