January Day Retreat: Hannah Bullivant

sold out Spring Day retreat, Saturday 23rd March

Spring is just around the corner now and although things above the surface are still and bare, life is teeming under ground, and the days are lengthening in preparation for Spring, a cheering thought for a chilly January day eh?!

Perhaps you’re feeling depleted after winter and a long old January, or perhaps you’ve simply been hibernating and conserving energy. Maybe the end of January has snuck up on you out of nowhere and you feel nowhere near ready to face the year yet.

Are the plans you made at the start of the year feeling like a distant memory?

Or maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and exhausted with everything you’re juggling.  Maybe you’d like some space to take stock of all you’ve achieved this year already and reevaluate the goals you made in January. Are they still feeling exciting? Achievable?

Orrr maybe you just love the idea of hanging out with some likeminded people in a beautiful setting, eating cake and faffing with flowers.

Wherever you are right now, be assured that Spring is nearly here with all her life, light and energy.  Im hosting a small workshop for 10 people in my home in which we can join together to celebrate and embrace the energy of Spring.

The details

 10am - 4.30pm in my home in Faversham, Kent on Saturday 23rd March. My home is very close to Faversham train station which is on the high speed line to Kings Cross St Pancras, and there is parking nearby too.  



There are 2 payment plan tickets available, however if there are tickets available, I am always happy to change single payments into double payments, just get in touch with me directly to arrange this. 

What you’ll get:

  • A day long retreat in my home in Faversham. 10am-4pm

  • A group coaching session with Ray Dodd. She will walk us through some exercises and give us some tools to declutter our minds and create mental space. Ray is a taking up space mentor.

  • A session led by me on decluttering and simplifying the spaces around us, plus some practical tips. This isn’t about attaining minimalism, but rather helping you to amplify the joy in the space you have. 

  • A delicious, super nutritious vegan lunch made by local award winning chef Vegan Perks, around a table styled by me.

  • I will teach you how to make a beautiful fresh Spring wreath in a session led by me, using seasonal,  Spring blooms. This is suitable for beginners, and gives you a wonderful technique you can take home with you and use in your own home. 

  • And of course, there will be cake, because there is always cake! Also made by Hannah Perkin.

This is for you if:

  • You want to experience the magic of a group of likeminded people, mostly strangers, gathering and sharing together. We welcome parents (babes in arms welcome) and non-parents alike and have a mix of both. 

  • You want to get your hands in some beautiful fresh spring flowers, and learn how to make a simple spring wreath for your home.  This is suitable for beginners and more experienced wreath makers a like, the materials are always different at each workshop depending on what is seasonally available. 

  • You want some space to celebrate the end of the first quarter of the year and set some gentle intentions for the rest of the year in a kind and supportive space.

  • You’d like some practical pointers in creating a joyful interior. 

  • You want a day just for your own sweet self. 

  • You would like to spend some time in an inspiring, nourishing space and eat delicious food, and connect with a group of likeminded people. (I love some of the connections that have been made in the past at the retreat days!)

Cancellation policy:

Tickets are non refundable and non transferable. However if we manage to re-sell your ticket we will offer a courtesy refund. 


A Pay what you can space

We want to make sure that everyone feels welcome and is able to attend. When considering how inclusive the event is, we considered those intersections of marginalisation (LGBTQIA+, black/POC, disabled) that make access hard. We offer a pay what you can place to someone on a low income, and particularly to those who identify in the above categories. Please get in touch with me directly at  hpbullivant (at) gmail.com You will not be asked for any proof and your disclosure is private. 

Payment plan:

I am also happy to change single payment tickets into two payments in order to make the payments easier for you. The first payment is due now, and the second by the 1st March. 

Physical accessibility:

The workshop happens on the ground floor of my house, but the bathroom is one floor upstairs. The hallway and doorways are quite wide. There is a clean but cold outside toilet in the garden which is accused via one step down in one room, then another single step outside. Please get in touch if you need any more information or help in accessing my home. 

Babies and breastfeeding:

Babes in arms are welcome, and if you are breastfeeding and need to pump or be visited by your child in the day, this is also welcome, please just let me know in advance.

Tickets here!:

Spring Day retreat | hannahbullivant.com

These day retreats are now the highlight of my working year and I’d love to see you there!