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The Life Book E Course.

The e-course helps you to create your very own Life Book: figure out your big picture and make some soulful goals that actually stick.

Why The Life Book is different

This is goal setting for non perfect people

There is so much planning and goal setting advice out there either makes me feel exhausted just reading it, or completely inadequate. My system is built for people who mess up, change their minds, for recovering perfectionists, people juggling a lot, people living with mental or physical health conditions, for those with caring responsibilities, etc. Life isn’t perfect, and neither are we, and this process gives plenty of space for that. 

It’s radically kind

My whole process prompts kindness at every turn. Lots of frameworks use self punishment and feelings of not good enough as the motivation, but my system gets you to ask if the goal is rooted in kindness, and encourages positive self talk. It’s kind but It’s not always easy. Sometimes the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is the hardest. 

It’s conscious of societal bias

We’re living in an intrinsically unfair society that means that some have more to fight to simply do life than others, especially BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and disabled folk. Some live with mental or physical health conditions that limit what they can do. Some have kids or are caring for elderly relatives. All of these things add varying levels of pressure to what can be managed outside of simply surviving.

It’s cool with change

Life is in constant motion. We have no idea what the future holds. It’s fine and actually healthy, that our goals change and pivot and grow. How many of us have made an annual goal, only to completely forget about it until 12 months later?! In fact, in the Life Book course, a sign of a thriving goal is that it is being tweaked and worked on. In other words, a living goal, not a defunct forgotten one. If a goal needs to pivot, change or be completely scrapped, it’s fine! Better that than it be forgotten in some dusty journal somewhere. 

There are no failures

I also don’t really believe in failures. If a goal hasn’t happened, then it provides interesting information and some lessons to learn. That’s all.  It’s not a failure. 

It encourages feelings

Lots of life and business advice encourage a dispassionate, fact based approach to goals. The patriarchal society we live in dismisses feelings more wholly, as feminine hysteria but I believe there is deep wisdom in our feelings whether you define as female or not. Whilst numbers and facts play a part here, allowing our feelings to guide us connects us to our intuition and deeper wisdom.

Tell me more!

The Life Book is a planning and review process my husband and I came up with 10 years ago. Through many years of trial and error we have designed a system that results in meaningful reflection and planning with heart; a system that really works. It guides you to find your big picture and create goals that help you get there. It’s all about making goals that feel good (rather than like punishments). It’s for both your personal and professional life, and is ultra adaptable to your life and circumstances; whether you work in a busy 9-5, part time from home; love or hate your career, or a mixture of all of the above. It works whether you’re in a relationship or not, whether you have kids or not.  It’s focus is holistic and looks at the whole; although if you want to laser down on a few key areas the system supports that too. 

We first created this process in 2009, and over the following years we credit this process for being the basis for many of our mega life changing decisions-from having babies, to choosing again and again to work on our marriage. Career changes, coach hiring, health decisions, house moves, radical-seeming decisions to step back off the grind, choose self care, and health and family, make more time for play and joy.  So many things.

It’s effective because of how little we stop to just look at our lives. We get so caught up  in the details of our everyday that we forget to stick our heads up above the noise and just look at where we are against where we’d like to be. It’s so simple, yet so flippin’ powerful.

It is primarily an individual process, a gift to yourself, an investment in your own hopes and dreams.

It can also be done with your partner or family which can be incredibly rewarding. I have seen again and again, both in my relationship and in the relationships of previous Life Bookers, that doing parts of this process with your partner can lead to surprising and even life changing discussions.

I’m not going to tell you what you should include or how you can craft a ‘perfect life’. I’m not a coach or a therapist. I’m a person who loves to write and journal, who loves to plan and reflect. And this process has been tried and tested over 10 years to bring you the very best version yet, incorporating all the mistakes and changes we’ve learned along the way.

I want to share this process with you and help you create your own plan, customised exactly to your life and what you need and want; so you can create your very own Life Book. 

You may have heard me or others speak about this process as “The January Book” which is what it was originally named. However I changed the name of it to the Life Book because the system is applicable all year round, and this is about far more than January musings, this is a process to guide you throughout the whole year and beyond.  

The e-course might be for you if:   

  • You want a tried and tested planning process that is kind, flexible and offers practical help in making achievable goals that feel great. 

  • You can’t seem to reach your goals and tend to beat yourself up for it.

  • You struggle to make time for yourself and your own dreaming and planning.

  • You’re ready to try a planning process that is based on radical kindness to ourselves

  • You are ready to delve deep into your hopes and dreams, and also make the really practical action steps to make them happen

  • You want a combination of written and live and pre-recorded video content. The course can be self paced or live, this s up to you.

  • You’d like my downloadable and printable annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily planning sheets.

  • You would like 5 weeks  of hand holding and gentle prompts to help you integrate the Life Book plans into your daily life. 

  • You’d like to learn how I use the Life Book and hear about how I integrate it with my journal and daily life.

  • You want to be part of an online community who are all working through the same process, to share ideas and inspiration with.

  • You’re willing to set some decent chunks of time aside to work through the questions and prompts alone and where applicable with significant others too.

    E-Course Details:

The c-course is opening again soon

It comprises of 5 modules of written content (plus intro and conclusion) 

  • Introduction: some practical tips and some of the underpinning principles of the process.

  • Module one: Big Picture. Guidance on taking some time to think about the wider picture of your life- How do we figure out what we want? How might it feel to be there? How do we make it happen?

  • Module two: Categories. Here we figure out which areas of your life you’d like to focus on and nurture with this process.

  • Module three: Looking back, looking forward, Here we’ll look back with kindness, find the positives and the lessons learned, then look ahead and focus on setting goals that come from a place of love. We talk a lot about the power of feelings, and the importance of the language we use.

  • Module Four: in this module we get really REALLY practical. I’ll take you though the exact process I use to integrate it into my everyday. (Every time I write this, in my mind Olivia Newton John sings ”Lets get physical” but replace ‘physical’ with ‘practical’. Anyway)

  • Module 5: finding a power word: Then we’ll talk about why and how to find a power word or phrase.

  • Conclusion. Talking about making it work for you.

  • Plus the planning printables

 PLUS access to the bonus library of resources:

  1. Huma Quereshi’s essay about private journal-keeping not just as a place to observe yourself for your well-being, but also to stretch yourself in terms of expression and language. She discusses using writing as a way of exploring feelings and words and being open about where that can lead. You can find more about Huma here 

  2. Ray Dodd’s video on mindset.  She covers the power of the stories we tell ourselves and specifically how beliefs become things. You can find Ray here.

  3. Nicola Rae Wickham’s video.  Nicola  is trained in NLP and teaches us about the way our language affects our behaviour. She talks about how our brains work and why so many of us set goals that we are excited about initially but then just don't carry it through. (Nicola’s website)

  4. A video from both Dave and I about how the process has helped our relationship. Some of the mistakes we have made, the changes to the process that have helped, some of the surprises that have come up along the way, and how the process encourages us to work on it.  

  • Plus more from new special guests to be announced! *

A Facebook support group:

There is an accompanying closed Facebook group for members to share any questions or thoughts. During the course, I’ll show you parts of my own Life Book and journal.  There will be prompts and questions and talking points, and discussing lots of practical tips to keep momentum with The Life Book through the year. 

Cancellation policy:

E-course spaces are non refundable and non transferable.


Do I have to be on Facebook?

The bulk of the information will also be emailed to you so it’s not a necessity, but you’ll get more value from the course if you’re able to join in with the conversation directly with me and others. 

Can people join anywhere in the world?

Yes. It’s an course so it’s open to everyone. You can catch up on videos and content at a time that works best for you. 

Are spaces refundable?

No, spaces are non refundable and non transferable. 

I’m single, how much of the course will focus on relationships?

The Life Book is primarily an individual process. The course is totally adaptable whatever your relationship status. I will be talking in part about my relationship (as well my parenting, work etc.) because it’s a core part of my life, but you don’t have to engage with this part if you don’t want too. You create your own unique Life Book.

I have never written a journal, will this course work for me?

Absolutely! This would make a great introduction to journalling, whether you decided to set up a daily practice or just focus on the Life Book categories

How long will it take?

It depends how many areas of your life you want to look at, and what your current time restrictions and life circumstances are. You might get it done in one sitting (we have in the past, pre kids- ha) or do it a couple of hours at a time. The important thing is not to force it. An hour a week is probably about right but this depends on you.

Is it for business owners? i’m a stay at home parent.

Nope, its applicable for all life circumstances

Do you need a printer?

No. Some folk prefer having a physical book to work through but it’s not a requirement.

I’m having a baby soon, and wont have much time, but i’m tempted! Is it right for me?

This depends on how much time and headspace you’ll have but theoretically, yes. Being intentional about how you want to approach parenthood and having this baby, setting some gentle goals and big picture thinking, can be a wonderful foundation for having a baby. The two years we did the Life Book when I was pregnant were incredibly ripe and special. The discussions went deeper than usual and it gave an amazing space for us to work through our feelings and intentions too. You just need to be kind about how much time you can spend on talking , writing and planning!

I dont have a good track record with goals and beat myself up a lot, is this process different?!

Yes. This is goal setting for non perfect people. It’s literally built to allow changes, encourages flexibility and takes into account our current life circumstances. It’s radically kind and asks loving questions about what you have the capacity for and whether it fits with your bigger picture.